new carp gear


nathan taylor

i have been fishing for the past year and i have been mainly catching silver fish with my match rod and equipment.
recently i have banked my first carp.
would i need other equipment to catch carp or would it be alright to use the stuff i have already got

Tony Wainwright (Twainy)

Nathan, in short yes and no!
Your match rod etc will be fine as long as you upgrade your line according to where you are going to fish.
There is no reason why you cant catch carp on match tackle but you must realise that the average size of your fish SHOULD be much bigger so you need to up the breaking strain of your line.
I've caught plenty of carp on the float.
pick a relatively easy water and ask people about tactics and baits.
To move into ledgering for carp would suggest that you are going for bigger fish.
Your match rod will handle just about any fish you could hook but thats not the problem. Your terminal tackle will weigh a lot more and if you try to cast that with a match rod you may end up snapping it. Just as I did with a light rod two weeks ago. I should have known better but it was all I had with me.
Read up about tackle and tactics, there are loads of article on this site, just search for them.
Carp tackle is not cheap so you should be sure that you want to pursue carp fishing before you pay out for gear that you may not use.

William Spencer

nathan if you are serious about carp fishing could i suggest two books for you to read.
starting carp fishing by julian cundiff and the beekay guide to carp rigs by julian cundiff and kevin maddocks.
my stepson has just bought the two rod carp set up from bennetts of sheffield for ?99.the rods and the reels are okay for entry level carp fishing.if you decide in a few years that you're really enjoying carping then step up a gear with regard to rods and reels.most important though have a look at Big Riks pages.