New Quay Wales


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Hi, im off to New Quay the start of July this year, i'm looking at doing some lure fishing off the shore. Does anyone know if the rocky points are any good around the area?


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(deleting my bad joke caused by a glass of merlot)

When I visited Newquay in 2015 I was at a place called the breakwater. Apparently a good place for bass fishing. But is it the right time for lure fishing there no idea!
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I used to catch trout in a river, and at loads of flatties in the mouth to the sea, a lovely place!


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There are a fair few people lure fishing,yet ive never seen a fish caught,there is a rock ledge at Aberporth which isnt to far which is supposed to be good,Cei Bach too,i take it your hoping for bass...rock marks arent that easy to access...

John Keane

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Thanks for the help, i was hoping to fish some wrasse but it's not looking good.
If you can access a safe rock mark into deep water for wrasse, they love small hardback crabs, hooked through the “tail”
and fished close to the bottom on a sliding float rig. They are strong fish and will try to get you into cracks and crevices in the rocks and a Ballan of 3lb+ will give you a good workout.