New tip ring clearance question....

Notts Michael.

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Howdoo all.
Perhaps not really a rodbuilding question, I want to replace a tip ring on a spinning rod I have, the tip of the blank measures 2.3mm diam. Ive seen replacements in 2.4 2.6 and 2.8mm
do you leave room for glue, and if so how much, which size replacement would those in the know suggest? Also, would Araldite epoxy be a suitable glue to use?
Many thanks.

john step

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I use Araldite. The reason is that if I need to replace the ring all it takes is a match heating it up and it pops off by itself.
2.4 Sounds OK. The glue does not take up much room. If you find it too big just whip some whipping thread first and see how it fits.

Keith M

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I would choose the 2.4mm tip ring too.
A thin smear of Araldite is all you will need, which shouldn’t take much room at all.

I much prefer using Araldite for the exactly same reason as John.

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