Newish - would appreciate some help please

Paul Bradbury

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Sep 27, 2004
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Hi guys (and gals)

As my title suggests, I am sort of newish to fishing. Now that I have finished university and got myself settled into a job after a year or so post uni (am 23), I am wanting to get "back" into fishing. I say "back" because I have fished before, but have a VERY basic rudimentary knowledge of it. I have only fished twice before; once when I was about 10 with my grandad, and another time when I was about 16 and on holiday in France. The latter was on a "pay per fish thing" if that makes sense (we paid for 4 hours on a lake with bait tackle etc included).

Naturally, I was wanting to just check before I get back into it if it will still suit me, so I was wondering whether anyone knew if there are any places where I can do a similar pay per fish sort of thing, to just get a taster. I live on the outskirts of Leeds, so am relatively close to decent places to fish, but as I say, I don't want to dive in yet and buy some kit, before I have reacquainted myself with the sport.

Any views and suggestions will be gratefully appreciated.

Bryan Baron 2

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Nov 6, 2002
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Depends on the kind of fishing you want. Carp, Match, Pleasure or Specimen. I would suggest having a word at your place of work and seeing if somebody will take you for a session or two.

Big Rik

that's probably best, or book onto a days fishing with a qualified NFA coach.

I only know Nellie and he's from down south, don't know of any in Leeds.

Not only will they give you a taster, but you'll learn loads too.