No 8 lead shot.


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May 11, 2017
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Luton Bedfordshire.
These days I use stotz for most of my 8's and under shotting,as for non-toxic shot they have not all been bad,I believe it was the second issue for Dinsmore were brilliant,so I bought a box of the large square compendium boxes(12 in a box),these were brilliant and I still have plenty of the 1's to 6's left,these were discontinued and the next issue were pi@@ poor,the next issue however we're very good so I bought a trade pack of AA's,which I have quite a few left,luckily. I've had these for years and got them from my grandfather in law at discount prices when he had a tackle shop(before he was my grandfather in law),along with all the reddicat catapults and spares he had,and around 20 boxes of drennan carbon chub hooks in fifties,a great fella and sadly missed...
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