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Ron Troversial Clay

I am thinking about having a holiday on North Uist - Outer Hebrides in June next year.

I have heard that there is excellent wild brown and sea trout fishing there. Not only that, the scenery is truly magnificent.

Anyone of you been up there? Any advice as to getting there and where I can stay, as well as the fishing potential, will be greatly appreciated.

keith reid

Can't advise on N.Uist , but S.Uist , which is linked by a causeway , is excellent. There are 100s of lochs to choose from all at very reasonable rates...1 permit covers most of the island. A certain hotel issues tickets for some other lochs and predictably , they cost a bit more. Truly wild fishing and the scenery is great , especially if you get decent weather. Miles of white beaches. Cold water though ! Fantastic array of flowers and birdlife. Take plenty of soldier palmers , zulus etc.
Sea trout , i think the fishing has deteriorated as it has everywhere , esp along the west coast. For the salmon , you'd need to hope for rain. Great fishing on the East coast for mackarel , coalfish , etc.
There is a book called "Fishing on S.Uist" or something like that , and it lists the 50 or whatever "best" lochs.If you do go there , get the book , its only about a fiver or so. Keith.