not another bread thread !


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sorry if this has been covered but can not find the other recent thread about bread .

im going to plan a attack with bread or maggots this weekend and have some worms for just in case .

I got a bit carried away today there was a whole cut loaf of bread out of date so i stuck it all through the food processor end result is a huge bag of bread liki bread :D

what best way to store it before using it ? Im currently have it in a big sealy bag if that's what there called and just left on kitchen side . im sure i will have some left over can i freeze the leftovers and reuse again ?

going to punch some discs around 8mm what size hook has others used for this in past ? Was going to just ball it in slightly upstream to get the crumbs flowing and the fish come looking .


The bad one

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I've a freezer full of wizzed up bread. Never had a problem with it frozen even when I've fetched unused unfrozen bread home for refreezing.


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Word of warning if you are going feed liquidised bred by hand on flowing floats for a long time so best to wet it.