darryl rogers

help required for a newbie to trout fishing can any one give me advice on where good lakes,ponds and river fishing is available in the area please

Robert Draper

I can tell you a little about places in Derbyshire but I've never strayed over the border for trout fishing. For reservoirs we have Foremark (, Carsington and Ladybower that I know of. Willington has a medium-sized stillwater fishery that I've heard good reports of but is a bit expensive for me. Near Chesterfield there are Barlow Lakes ( and Press Manor (they have a website but I don't have the URL to hand). River fishing is generally quite expensive or there is a waiting list. I fish the Derby Railway AC which has a beautiful couple of miles of the Derwent at Darley Dale and several small streams in addition to some excellent coarse fishing on the Trent and various stillwaters around Shardlow & Long Eaton. You can find them at and they are good value if you are an all rounder since just about every species and fishing type is covered.

Hopefully you can find something you like out of those, if you find any more please let me know. I took up the fly rod a couple of years ago and I'm always on the look out for new places to go.