Okuma's Blue On Blue! NEW Prototype HCS Rod For 2019!

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Jan 25, 2018
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Field Testing Okuma's 2019 Releases On Veterans Day!
I've shown the Blue Azores scheduled for release in 2019. Now you're going to see the 3rd rod to be inducted into Okuma's HCS "Hawaiian Custom Series" along with the Menpachi & Ulua rod. This is one of three plugging popping rods rods that is being field tested for possible release in 2019.

The 9'6" HCS Shoreline Plugger (HSP-S-962Ma) Statistics-
9+1 = 9 guides + tip. 310g = 10.9oz.
30-65lb braid. 30-60g (1.06-5.64oz).
Fore Grip = 5-1/2in.
Rear Grip = 20in.

This rod along with the other 2 Prototype plugging rods were on display at The 2018 Fish & Dive Expo in Honolulu, Hawaii on Oct 27-8. This model was purposely designed for anglers who want to plug & pop lures all day long with no aching arms or shoulders. Some minor last minute changes were made & i think it's ready to be released. I've been using it for several weeks now spin casting (whipping) plugs & grubs to irons & bait casting from shore. The rod was designed for long periods of medium to med/heavy casting. I personally can't pop & plug those 4-7oz large plugs all day long without some type of "ouch" to muscle pulls the next day.

So i've been putting it (and me) through the ringer. Because some changes have been made i can't show the deep-water shoreline iron casting to popping a variety of plugs all day long. I condensed everything today from sunrise to sunset changing locations to show this rig is versatile as a plugging rod & balanced as a multi-rod.

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