Optimism and the eternal tomorrow.

Derek Gibson

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The passion rarely dims even following a bummer of a day. The ardent angler is to be found planning to even the score on the next outing, different bait, change of venue whatever it takes we need that fix. And having achieved that we want more, isn't that the definition of ''compulsion''.

Even in some cases marriages have been tested, and in extreme cases far worse.

Hand on heart, do you qualify?

And as a parting thought, how much of your time, when not actually fishing is spent considering different aspects of it.


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If ever I go fishing without thinking of the next time I will go I think I will pack it all in.

Expectation often exceeds results but surely its the expectation felt when planning a session, getting tackle organised even travelling to a venue that are part of the pleasure derived from angling?

Taking what has been learned from one session to another doesn't always work out as one would expect but imo its a big part of angling optimism and pleasure.

As I have got older more of my time is spent thinking about it than doing it but the fire for doing it still burns as bright as ever.


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With time more limited than ever for me nowadays and other priorities it means my fishing time is very limited and I never get out as much as I would like but I suppose that helps the appeal as well and keeps me eager for the next outing although I do need to remind myself from time to time when I am slogging it out that its supposed to be fun !

I guess those that know me think I am a bit obsessed but I like to think I have kept things in perspective as well. There is more to life than fishing.
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I'm always optimistic about my next outing, often planning on the way home from the last session. It's borderline obsession as I'll lay in bed or spend my working day pondering over some thing or other fishing related. Sad but true if I was single then I'd fish more as I'm more than happy with my own company and a rod in my hand. Just need a dog to take with me now.
My wife has got used to it over the past year or so. Not that she understands or agrees with it but hey ho.


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I tend to spend probably more sessions on the river/stream banks without a rod than actually fishing - I find that it tends to help a bit...................However, when home, I’m completely switched off from fishing – apart from when I need to get the wrapper out to whip a new eye on a blank, or similar.


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50% I'd guess.

Spend a lot of time looking at Youtube clips, always looking forward to the next trip, making plans to outwit those big fish. Truth, i spend more time thinking about it, than fishing.

I'd like to add to this thread the feeling of fraternity those who fish always seem to find other likeminded people. Apart from the odd green dome dweller both carp and barbel, most people you meet become instant friends, often because you can see a lot of yourself in them.

While I prefer just myself and my little terrier when fishing, meeting and speaking with fellow anglers is mostly highly important to me.:D


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Hope is the last refuge of the condemned man; and a handy thing to take with you on any fishing trip. Like others I ponder how I'll do better with a little tinker with rigs, or inventing(heath robinson stylie for me)the exact but otherwise unavailable crucial linkl to success.
In truth tho my guess is that my fishing improves when I just concentrate on what I'm already doing once I'm on the bank.

iain t

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Fishing is my drug. 6 days a week and between 5 to 7 hours per session. The 7th day is the weekly shop day. Just love sitting on the bank all alone with only the sound and sights of nature. The rest of the time am a normalish human being. Apart from watching a bit of TV, reading. The rest of the time is spent with the wife and family. I usually make my rigs on the back from scratch. Changing lengths and styles depending on the water.


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This post summed up today perfectly . I had prepared groundbait, pellets and had a vast array of different pellets, boilies and corn. My camera tripod with the buzzer affixed was ready to go and I set up a float rod and a feeder! I was optimistic despite the foreboding weather. The setup was Binkaesque in its symmetry and ideal home appearance!;) But for two small roach on the float I would have blanked!:( The buzzer chirruped occasionally but nothing of significance. Thank God there is tomorrow i.e. the next time.!:)

I enjoyed the time in a beautiful spot, watching the wild life and admiring the vast numbers of fungi all around. If I had had my little book on mushrooms and fungi I would have joined a guy on the next peg and had some fried mushrooms. Sadly I am no Hugh Fearnly Doodah and would not trust my judgement!

To paraphrase Delboy, " this time next week we are going to have a field day":rolleyes:

john step

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They say men think of sex every few minutes. I think that used to be true. Now as age impinges its about 25% of the time and the rest is fishing:wh


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They do John! The two often merge together ! I thought the method was a means of birth control until I discovered fishing:rolleyes:

john step

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Smashing thread!

Is it just me or has the like button gone?
LIKE button has gone. There was a recent thread about it. I have never thought about this aspect before but the like button serves to let one know if anyone is reading your thread.


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Fishing? I just do it, ever since I can remember and until I cock my clogs. It's ingrained in my very being. I am happy to say. Think about it? I dream about it. Pete.