original drennan tench float rod

jeremy cook

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Hi, hopefully there's someone on this forum that can help me - I'm trying to work out if the 'original' drennan tench float rod I bought recently is the real deal.

The rod I havebought hasa properly marked first section but I noticed that the whipping on that section has athin gold band around it - the whippings on the other two sections don't - additionally the first eye on the butt section is 3 legged, whereas the others on the other 2 sections are single legged

If you happen to own one I'd be grateful if you could you let me know if that's how they were set up -

I fear I might have bought a pup - of course it might be fine anyway - haven't had a chance to fish with it! - but I'd like to know, particularly if I ever find myself selling it on


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Well I'd never noticed the detailing before but mine, bought new from a local tackle shop almost 20 years ago, is exactly as you describe, Jeremy. And a cracking rod. Good luck with yours.