P.A.A.S. Waters open


John Tait

I have noticed, on various sites, a number of requests for information regarding which, if any, of Prince Albert Macclesfield waters are open for angling.
Any one requiring this information should ring the HotLine number shown in the PAAS membership book - 01625 616448. You will then be given a list of waters (by number) which are currently open (game fishing), and those which are currently scheduled to be opened on 16th. June (PAAS still maintain the `old` coarse closed season).

The current lists are:-

Open now - 157/10/11/12/15/34/36 and 63.
Opening tomorrow - 160
Opening June 16th. - 5/6/35/164/49/191/58/67/88/114/120/193 and 141.