Particle baits?


Malcolm Bason

What are your views on the use of particle baits and them being banned by some fisheries? By particles, I mean (obviously) seeds, nuts and pulses!

I been to waters where nuts and pulses (chick peas on this occasion)have been banned, yet seed swere ok?? Is it to do with the biodegradable effect - or lack of it?

With carp in particular, I know they will readily 'suck up' huge quantities of seed and its not going to be left on the bed!! But surely the same would apply to the others? Pulses, I would have thought, would dissolve (is that the correct term?)more quickly than the others, but then why ban them?

Personally, and I don't mean any disrespect to those making the decision, I think its the same old story - that once a particular bait proves successful - it is banned.

Could it be that the people managing said fisheries are limited in their own understanding of the use of such baits? Who knows? I certainly don't!

Carp Angler

Most particle bait bans are put in place by people with little or no understanding of the situation.
It's like the bad press peanuts got.
The anti-floxin bacteria that killed some people in the late 70's was stamped om with such vigour that it has never appeared again.
Yet because of 3 fish dying in 1980 they are still banned on waters over 20 years later.

Some waters ban seed mixes but allow hemp?
Because the match boys use it.....
As the majority of committees around the country are run by match anglers then you get their rules.

One bad article in the angling press and some people will take that as gospel.