Perch live baiting in summer


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I did this morning had one about 1lb and half. I normally fish live baits. I think it much more selective way of living for perch then with worms or prawns.
The down side is if you use a big one say 2 inches long
Jack's will take them aswell which I also had this morning, I'm debating using a short section of very light wire on waters were they contain pike.


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Yep I did as they feed all year round.

Although they can come at any time I would always choose early morning / late evening given a choice.


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I am lucky as the water I fish that holds Perch to 5lb+ (I have had 3.2lb as a guest 9 years ago) doesnt have Pike in so no need to use a trace.
I have been fishing Worms & Prawns but just keep getting Tench & Roach the only thing for it is live baiting or lure fishing. Just curious to see if you guys did it through the summer. I gatherered they do eat fish all year round :) but with the abundance of active fish in the summer the question really related to is it worth it or would my bait be a drop in the ocean so to speak. My live baiting experience has only ever been crudley ledgering them hence recent questions on this subject. Im sure there will be more.