peta 2 faced


Dave Lindsay

ive just checked out the loonies site for anything anti fishing as you do.
and can you belive that there asking people to donate there old fur to the children of afgan to keep em warm.

well i do feel sorry for these people and something must be done but you would think peta would donate blankets for fur so they could burn the fur . oh sorry peta would that cost you dollors to buy the blankets .

look at it this way they say hunting is cruel and some aspects are but what if say fish skins could keep you warm would they say give us your fish to keep an afgan warm would that mean fishing was then ok just to make them look good in the media eye.

peta is made up of bored hollywood housewifes who have got no idea what goes on in real life . and because of the likes of mccartny in this country they will always have a media output.

but as peta people throw buckets of paint and attack people like you and me for being fisheram this as far as im concernd makes them a terrorist group and under the new anti terror laws they should all be rounded up and chucked in the nick......rant over

Paul Kendall

What about donating afghans to fisherman ?

I'm sure you could get some good gloves and a hat out of all that lovely silky fur.

Stewart Bloor

The problem with any individual or organisation that takes extreme views is that they are often laid open to accusations of hypocrisy. Often these accusations are legitimate.

A balanced, rational, but persistent argument is actually much more powerful a weapon, in the eyes of the general public, than extreme propaganda or behaviour.

As long as groups such as PETA occupy the extremeties, that's where they will stay in the minds of the average person. I'm not suggesting that we should ever become complacent though. Far from it.

But if they attempt to occupy the middle ground, that's when they will become a 'real' threat. But I don't think that's on the table.

Ashe Hurst

These groups seem to get possitive national press??
So why not us Anglers???
Im a regular all round angler,people still ask if i kill my fish, eat my fish,when im on the bank or if the fact im an anglger cropps up in chitchat.
They are astounded that i need a lisence,that we have laws and rules,that we dont kill our catch and that fresh water species are returned alive.That we take precautions to protect the wild life habitat . And so on ect ect ect.
Ive writen to several national angling mags ,who have published my articals, but not once have i seen a high profile miedia group or person publish such an artical in a national paper or on TV,except for the odd local tv channel.
and then it still seems to be pushed aside or put on late in the early hours.
We need high profile celeb anglers and their supporters along with joe bloggs angler putting the record sraight in a national campaign.

So come and try it if you think your hard enough,and not affraid of political correctness.
Or am i just being outspoken??

Pete Owen

Afghan gloves and hats, brilliant idea!.
There is however one slight problem you seem to overlooked, (apart from the fact the RSPCA etc might object)Afghan Hounds maybe as thick as two short planks, but they can`t half run when their skin`s on the line