Peter Stone


Ron Clay

Peter Stone was one of the greatest of all British all-round anglers. He was a great innovator and mainly responsible for the modern quiver tip rod and link leger. He was keen and adept at all styles of fishing. During the 40s and early fifties, whe was just about the best match angler on the Thames. He gave up match fishing about 1957 and concentrated on specimen hunting. He became a great friend of Richard Walker and the Taylor Brothers, fishing with them often.

I first met Peter in 1965 at one of the early meetings of the National Association of Specimen Groups in Melton Mowbray. Since that day we became good friends, and we corresponded regularly with each other ever since, even when I lived in South Africa. When visiting England in those days I always looked Peter up at his little house on Elmthorpe Road - Wolvercote.

I shal miss Peter's regular articles and comments in the angling press. But most of all I shall miss his lovely rolling Oxfordshire Accent which I found so delightful.
Rest In Piece Old Friend

Ron Clay

Goose Ganderton

I was very saddened to read of the death of one of the last legends in fishing Peter Stone. He was a true gentleman who will be sadly missed.
God bless you Stony.

james hunt

i did not no the man but enjoyed his writing very mutch.
coarse fisherman wont be the same without him.

Alan Cooper

I've come late in the day to "Stoney" - somehow when I was on the fishing scene all those years ago, I passed him by - I can remember Walker (I met the great man twice) and his articles in Angling Times. I remember the Taylor brothers - but, for all that, I have enjoyed "knowing" Peter Stone (at long last) through Coarse Fisherman. Yes, Goose is right - another major piece of angling history is gone.

vince battams

like many others i have never met stoney as he was affectionately known to those close to him but have read his many works,to me he seemed he would do anything to help other anglers and would do anything for angling especially when it came to the big three tests,the bets pork pie,the best cup of tea,the best cheese and pickle sarny for those who watch total fishing you'll know