Pike Runs


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Feb 23, 1999
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Chris has asked the questions and provided some of the answers. But what do you think?

Philip Inzani

Here’s my thoughts on it but I accept there is probably a million and one reasons why Pike take baits in different ways….

I think a lot of it has to do with the situation the Pike is in and its mood at that time. Looking at mood first. I get the impression that Pike at times go on a sort of "bender" grabbing anything that comes anywhere near them and seemingly intent on eating as much as possible in the shortest possible time. I can think of several occasions when I have taken Pike that already had something fresh inside its gullet when it decided to try and swallow my bait as well. I think in these situations Pike will give fast runs, they are in an aggressive mood and are moving around intent on feeding.

On other occasions I think Pike can be in a very "take it or leave it" kind of mood. I can recall other occasions when I have watched Pike take a bait and then just sit there for ages doing nothing at all. Obviously in these situations a "run" as such does not occur but rather erratic indicator movement.

Regarding the situation/location it's in, well, and this is sticking my neck out, I would say that a Pike located in a hole in some weed is less likely to give a fast run than a Pike picking up a bait in open water. It's a very general statement and there are loads of exceptions I’m sure but I think a Pike in a weed hole feels relatively safe and will not move that far where as a Pike in open water will move off with the bait far more readily.

I did hear an interesting comment that Pike in very big waters like lochs are used to travelling long distances and generally feed on the move. In these waters fast runs are more common…. Anyway, just ideas.