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margot twine

After reading Pilgrims Progress about confidence, it mentioned hook sharpness, how long does a hook last on average before it needs changing. On my made up feeder rigs i have not changed my hooks all summer and it was not untill i saw it mentioned that i even gave it a thought, some fisherman huh?


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Feb 23, 1999
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Margot, it depends on whether you've knocked the hook against a stone or some other hard object that will blunt it. And, of course, how long you've been using it.

The wisest thing to do is check it every time you bait up and at the first sign of it losing its edge either touch it up with a fine stone or diamond file, or change the hook.

Modern hooks just don't need changing too often if they haven't been put under any stress. However, if you've caught a number of hard-fighting fish on one, or been snagged, or anything has happened that could have tried to straighten it and therefore weakened the material, then change it to be on the safe side.

It's not worth taking a chance for the sake of a hook.

Stewart Bloor

Margot, I use Drennan Super Specialist probably more than any hook put together. At less than a pound a packet (10 hooks) I never use a hook for more than one session anyway.
I agree with Graham, you can use hooks more than once, but personally I prefer to change....I guess it's a confidence thing !!!!!
Mind, I'm currently on a run of blanks that might qualify me for the Guinness Book Of Records soon, so I'll probably only use one hook for the whole of next year anyway......