Pixies Lake, Bourne End


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Anyone fish here ?

Mate has bought a winter Carp ticket for £60 until March.

He went today and had about 5/6 Carp, all ove r15Lbs pkus some nice Bream....

Just wondered if any of the locals here had been there ?

peter crabtree

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I've looked at it many times from the canal towpath.
Very scenic lake with pads and reeds. It's rarely busy from what I've seen. The canal there is full of carp and bream, some great roach fishing too. Day ticket £5...


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I have not been there for at least 30 years - didn't it used to be owned by the bloke (senior moment - forget his name) who does articles for Anglers Mail?

His name just came to mind - Dave Coster?
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A mate of mine(the 80 year old who i mentioned in a thread in bait box)was a member of a small club that have two small lakes near Ivanhoe,they had a concession with the owner of pixies mere,he had some very good days with the bream,around thirty one day and tbey are not small,some nice tench and a fair few carp,all on the float....

peter crabtree

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There's another lake on the other side of the canal.
Thinking about it, that is the lake I see from the towpath.
Westbrook mere.

Boxmoor AC have it on their club book.