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Sep 25, 2011
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There are a few venues within 15 minutes drive from my house that hold decent numbers of small carp (and some double figure ones too) and good roach and bream.
I want to try pole fishing on these lakes but have no experience of this type of fishing.
Can anyone list what I actually need besides the pole itself?
What to get and what to avoid sort of thing.
Also...Is there an idiot guide to pole fishing terminology anywhere?
thanks a lot...
This is the pole I am thinking of getting
Ron Thompson Gangster Carp Pole -11m - Now Only £69.99!!

Includes 2 x power top 2 kits
(1 with Pole and 1 spare).
- Elastic rating: 6–18.

That is the sort of thing that means nothing to me!:)

Jeff Woodhouse

Moaning Marlow Meldrew
Jan 2, 2002
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Subtropical Buckinghamshire
Try having a read at this part one and then this part two.

Yes, they are on about margin poles, but apart from length, everything else is exactly the same as you'll be buying and that Gangster is only 1½metres longer than my margin pole. I hope this helps.

(Note: the first pole I had was a Silstar Active 11 metre job and came with just the one top and cost £400. It just goes to show how things have come down in price in the last 15 years. From the descriptions they look around the same quality, the Gangster and the Silstar. It was a good pole lasting a good few years until I got a Garbolino 13mtr job.)
Jul 2, 2009
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I have got one of the Ron Thompson gangster pole and have to say its done everything I asked of it. I set the match top kit up with middy hi vis 4-6 elastic, and the power top kit with middy 14-16 elastic.
On my first sesh with it I went for skimmers and silvers and it was brilliant. I also latched on to a carp of about 6lb with the light set up and boy does that elastic stretch - seemed to go forever! it landed the carp though - I was well pleased.
Ive used the power kit in the margins and it has handled everything i've thrown at it. I've used it as it is fishing at my feet with 2 sects standing by to add on if needed and its caught me some real lumps. I know that the match fishing fraternity would probably not even look at the gangster pole but it's certainly done the biz for me. tight lines George