Pole Fishing


Tom Gardner


I read in a magazine recently that you can use a feeder with a pole - does anyone know how you do this?

Sascha Welsch

Hi Tom,
Matchmen use this method on flooded rivers usually and I believe they fish either with a pole float set overdepth and a small running feeder above the hooklength (with the normal elasticated set-up) or with a flick-tip and just a feeder with bites being registered on the flick-tip.
To be perfectly honest, I can't see the point of useing it unless you're faced with a similar situation (ie difficulty in catching and feeding on a flooded river)as a straightforward pole rig and loosefeed/groundbait would be just as effective.

Rodney Wrestt

The set up I've seen with a pole feeder was with a fixed paternoster rig with the hooklength attached several inches above the feeder, the weight of the feeder stops the rig moving and as Sascha says the float is set overdepth and the line held at an angle and kept tight. Bites are registered like a drop back on a quivertip rod with the float lifting from the water and then going under as the fish dislodges the feeder and the flow moves it, the fish usually hook themselves against the weight and flow.