pop ups


david jones

I'm sure this is a question that would be answered in any 'beginners guide' type book, but can anyone tell me how to make a pop-up?

What I'm looking for is how to do it from a base mix - I'm sure I've heard something about microwaving the rolled baits.

Carp Angler to the rescue?

Carp Angler

There are several ways to make pop-ups and it depends on the type of base mix that you are using.

In one of my previous Carp Column articles, you can see paste wrapped around cork balls.
These make excellent pop-ups that are identical to your freebies.

Microwaving or frying baits alters their make-up and makes them different to anything else you make from the base mix.

Microwaving works with certain mixes and is generally very hit and miss, I generally hand roll these and squeeze them quite hard so they contain no air pockets. (BOOM)
I then thread them onto some thick dacron and make a necklace of baits that are well spaced and then nuke them in short bursts of 30 seconds, with 30 seconds rest time for approx 5 mins 16mm, 7 mins 18mm and 10 mins 20mm.

dry frying is something I only do in desperation on the bankside and I fry and roll the baits around the pan for maybe a minute or two longer than the microwave method.

Always allow the baits to cool before testing if they float, as when they are hot they will soak up the water you drop them in.

Hope this makes sense and helps somewhat.

Any probs then just ask away.