Predator Anglers Can’t Ignore Lures


Rob Brownfield

An interesting article. Some points worth noting from experience though.
You get what you pay for, and as you say, ?20 on a lure rod was probably money not too wisely spent. Many anglers new to lure fishing buy cheapish tackle, have a chuck with a few cheap lures, dont catch anything and then give up. You do really need to get hold of some decent gear and give it a jolly good go. You need a rod with a good butt to drive large trebles home, and it meeds to be light as u will be holding it all day. Its not cheap, but look how much is spent on carp baits, braids, leads etc.

Also, have a major problem with nets. I do carry one (A large salmon net with large holes and stiff mesh) but I reckon 95% of my fish are either unhooked in the water (small fish) or hand landed. In the early years i got in to some right messes with trebles and mesh.

Some lures carry very nasty hooks. Please replace them with lighter versions. Be warned though, some lures will have there action destroyed by doing this, so be careful. Add a little lead wire to balance if needed.

Long nose pliers are essential for unhooking. Foreceps are not really up to the job.

When retrieveing a lure, watch it and try different retrieve technics. Try steadt pulls, taps, rips, pauses etc. Some lure will fish much better one way than another. Always experiment

And lastly, get out there and enjoy yourself. I catch far more fish on lures than I ever did on baits.

Keep up the good work

James Bradshaw

lol Rob... and to think, I thought I was weird thinking about fly-fishing for carp...!