Predator waters


paul williams

I don't always agree with Des T but his comments in AT this week are good valid points, e.g will a predator water be able to maintain it's stock? it' a fact that Pike thrive on neglect and in my opinion the same goes for Zeds and Eel, so how will a very small water such as the one in question fare? in my opinion it's an idea thats doomed to failure, what do think?

Chris Bishop

The offer of instant big fish will always be a draw, but as DT points out pike simply cannot handle the pressure.

This has been the subject of much debate on one of the pike sites today.

Philip Inzani

Apart from the fact that its often quoted that Pike thrive on neglect the other problem with schemes like this in the past was that when you stock predators you need to stock prey as well. I remeber reading some stuff I think it was by Neville Ficking where he came up with a ratio of additional prey fish for each pound of predator added AND you need to keep adding prey fish at intervals as they get gobbled. If you don't then your lovely doubles/twenties/thirties water turns into a jack infested/lean doubles water.
Trouble of course is that not many people want the additional expense of stocking prey and so don't bother.
There was a lake at Thurocck that was specifically made into a Pike water a few years ago...anyone know how that has fared ?