Preston Pro Competition 13' Feeder rod.


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Jul 23, 2015
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I really like this rod for my fishing on the River Trent. When I first brought it I thought it would be my out and out Barbel rod, HOWEVER with a nice soft top and tip it proved to be more versatile than I first thought.

The rating suggests 6-10lb lines, but with a 4.12lb hook link it's managed with some big Bream, Roach and even Dace. Its all in the slim quiver tops that show the smallest of bites. I used it the other day with a 6lb reel line and 4lb bottom to catch some nice fish off the tip on caster and mini pellets. But when I need to step up I can to 8lb main line for Barbel and big Chub. Most adequate for all but the biggest of the Trent residence, when 10lb mainline could be used.

With medium and heavy tips the rods a joy to play fish on, something we often forget when buying rods for a specific purpose. Expect to pay under £120, what a bargain. 5 Stars.