Putting belt clip on landing net


Hi all,

Was wanting a bit of help identifying this type of clip used on this landing net and where I might get one. I have found other types of belt clips but was looking for one very similar to the one pictures below.

Thanks for your help.



Shakespeare used to do a flip up trout net with that clip, one of the reasons I bought one although the rivets pulled out on mine and I ended up binding it back on with plastic coated garden wire, over-glued and then insulation taped over the top so I wouldn't put too much faith in a riveting process.

Might be worth contacting them to see if they will tell you where the clip originates from?

Edited to add: With hindsight I would just find and cut a heavier strip of metal, place it in a vice and bend to required shape before drilling out corresponding holes in clip and landing net pole and then bolt straight through as opposed to comparatively weaker rivets.
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