Rapijet Review


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Jun 18, 2011
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I have a rapijet and I use it every time I go fishing. I've also used it camping when I had to cook the entire contents of a bbq on it after the bbq failed terribly. I find the gas cheap, economical and can be bought anywhere and the style easy to clean and very compact. One aspect that should be noted however is how you position the jet. Any bad reviews I have seen on this stove are from people who are probably used to old fashioned paraffin stoves that have to be pumped but can cook in a gale. The rapijet can cook meat as well as brews but you must protect the jet from the wind. It took me a while to get the hang of this only noticing that my food cooked in minutes when i was cooking inside my tent rather than outside. Now i'm not saying that you can not cook outside, but simply shelter it from the wind with an unhooking mat as the wind seems to disperse the jets heat away from whatever you are trying to cook. As for mine, I was lucky to obtain it at a car boot for only £5 with a gas refill. £15 is still a bargain though. Just a consideration as to when you review it.