Repairing Drennan Spinflex...


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I have recently shut my car door on the tip of my 8ft Drennan Spinflex, resulting in the tip snapping off about three inches from the end.

The tip is hollow, and I am thinking of inserting a tube or rod inside, gluing and whipping and hoping for the best!

My question is, I can get carbon tube, carbon rod, glass fibre tube or rod - but which would be best? I personally think the fibre glass tube or rod would be most "flexible" but would like a second opinion :)

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I would go down the same route as you mate....only trial will tell.

the indifferent crucian

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I have heard of this being done successfully with a needle used as the bridging section. This was on a fine tipped float rod.

If your spinning rod is of a more substantial cross-section you might want to look at a piece of carbon from a quivertip as the bridge.

If it's a truly enormous rod tip, then I'd look at the hollow cut off section from elasticating a pole 'number one'.

Either way it can certainly be done without ruining the rod or its balance.

As to glue? I's use a short set-time two pack epoxy, such as Araldite Rapid, which tend to retain some flexibility compared to long time-set glues. But plenty of rod tip rings are held on with a hot melt glue, but they can soften in the sunlight.