Rescued My Underwater "Stuck" Spydro Camera!

Scuba Chris

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Jan 25, 2018
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Retrieving My Spydro Underwater Action Camera!

This was the 2nd time my Spydro Underwater Camera was almost lost. I knew where it "snagged" the bottom but my water gear was in storage & nobody there had a mask. Fortunately i just purchased a used full face mask w/prescription lenses on eBay. Took some time but i ran home & got my new mask. No fins so i used my reef tabis (walking boots). I found it but when i dove down my full face mask instantly flooded and i inhaled water. I had to tear the mask off & while doing so had a cramp in my right calf. Damn! Not going my way!

My new friend on the pier Thomas Mckinley, who is on YouTube as "The Hungry Fisherman" came in to help me. Damn, but the mask did the same thing to him! But he retrieved the unit for me. I'm very thankful for Thomas's help. Then the top part of the mask fell off. Seems it wasn't properly connected & diving down forced water to fill it. My calf was hurting so bad i had a hard time walking afterwards. If i had fins i wouldn't have had to fight the current or kicking myself down. Proper gear for the proper job.



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