Review - TF Gear Lok Down Bivvy


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Aug 11, 2007
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Near Boston, Lincs
It looks a lot like my Trakker AS Trident. I bet it cost a lot less, though. It's a bit smaller, the entire front zips off mine and mine doesnt have the internal skin, which sounds wierd - and awkward - to me. All bivvies of the pramhood type are really easy to erect and that's a massive selling point. Trakker make a lot of claims for the material their bivvies are made of this year, and some other manufacturers do too. Only time will tell. I am happy with mine, though if this one had been around I might have bought it instead - though the price hasnt been mentioned has it? In the end I bought mine for the name, because I wanted a bivvy that would last for a few years and still work properly. I paid £390, though if I want a winter wrap it'll cost yet another £200!!! The sweetener is that it turns my trident into a two-man bivvy.
If I ever get to a FM fish-in I hope none of you think I'll be sharing my wonderful bivvy with you! I suppose I could consider bribery, but it'll cost!

Well, That's it. My review of the review.