Right,a moan about spade end hooks...

sam vimes

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I think Chris must have forgotton to mention the browning hooks. I can't think of the names of them but no doubt if he sees this Chris will name them for you. He put me on to the micro barbed versions but there may well be barbless in the same, or similar hooks made by browning.

I've just had a quick nosey and they do make the beast spade dend hook in barbless also, there are some on ebay.
The barbless versions of the spade end hooks are a fairly new addition to the range. I've yet to try them. Quite happy with the barbed Sphere Match and Sphere Beast hooks though.


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Never even knew Browning sold hooks and dont have a clue where would sell any anywhere near me,odd really as Browning were based around five minute drive from me in Sundon Park(a suberb of north Luton)and an old adversary and ABC matchman Terry Freeman used to run it....


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Just click browning sphere hooks into ebay search and you'll see quite a few barbed and barbless. There's 15 in a pack, so half again as in drennans