Ringers Method Micros

John Keane

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Dec 28, 2017
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North West
Been using these for around a year now and am very impressed with their qualities as a pellet that’s meant to stick to things like method feeders.

I’m not saying that they do things other pellets won’t do when prepared in a similar manner, but I find these so simple to prepare and use.

I simply put as many as I think I need into a large bait box and add water, flavoured or otherwise slowly to the pellets until they are almost, but not quite, covered. I usually like the level to be such that they look reasonably dry but if I pat them down they will start to look a bit waterlogged. Leave them for half an hour and they will be ready for use and will continue to absorb water and be nice and spongy.

I’m sure you could experiment with other brands of micros or shops’ own pellets to try and achieve the same result. However shop pellets are usually either Skrettings or Coppens and one of those (can’t remember which) will turn to mush and the other won’t.

Anyone else used them? Anyone think they’re just another catch an angler gimmick? I like them anyway.

Added bonus, they can be frozen and re-used many times over without any deterioration in consistency or shape.