River derwent chub


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Dec 2, 2012
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Derby, Derbyshire
Hi this is my first blog, I've been looking for a few places to do some winter chubbing and spotted some promising places.
I am just curious if anybody knows of any good stretches of the middle Derwent or any streams, brooks or tributaries? I do most of my fishing on the belper stretch of the Derwent but I've been struggling for almost 2 seasons to catch my first chub from that area, I saw 14+ in the summer when I went for a walk and just so happened to not have any tackle with me! How typical is that! And some of them looked 6lb+ they were huge, but now we have had the floods I'm not sure they are even there any more I heard rumours of lots of barbel being caught out of Milford (on the same ticket as belper) so have they all been washed down stream?

Any help would be greatly appreciated