River Don, Rotherham

The Sogster

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Jun 2, 2008
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South Yorkshire
Following development of Rotherhams latest flood defence scheme at Centenary Riverside, I decided to investigate the potential of the river access.
Prior to the development of the land it was virtually impossible to get to the rivers edge. I am happy to report that now there is very good access. I am however concerned that this development which is supposed to be part of the towns new flood relief system seems to include planting trees right up to the river bank. This will inhibit the water should it try to overflow the banks once again.

Enough of that onto the fishing.
I arrived this morning at around 8am to find the river very clear and at it's usual low summer level. After accessing the new 'park' I walked up the bank towards Firth Rixon noting several very nice looking swims with deep glides awash with streamer weed. I didn't see any signs that other anglers have taken advantage of the ability to fish this stretch of river, there was a distinct lack of empty hook packets, sweetcorn tins etc.
I had decided that today I would feed liquidised bread and finely chopped polony (with my secret additives). So on my way to the far end of the stretch I threw a few handfuls into several beautiful looking spots for my return journey.
Once at my chosen starting peg I introduced a couple of walnut sized lumps of liquidised bread and a small amount of chopped meat before setting up my trusty old shakespeare match aerial and centrepin with a small loafer.
Prior to my first trot with breadflake I chucked in another walnut sized lump of liqqy before gently inching a lump of flake through.
Before the float had travelled 4 yards, bang and it was buried - a small chub of around half a pound soon graced the bank. This was repeated for the next couple of trots and then the swim died, I introduced another small ball of liqqy and changed to meat on the hook. This did the trick and a few more small chub were soon tamed and on the bank followed by a larger specimen nearer a pound.
This was the end of this swim so I moved to one of my prebaited swims where I had a succession of small roach and a dace.
This pattern was repeated all the way back to the bridge (near the entrance) whereupon having run out of bait I called it a day.
All in all very enjoyable and well worth visiting again, I finished the short session (4 hours) with 2 dace, 9 roach and 13 chub for less than a quids worth of bait and without the cost of a day ticket (free fishing).


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Nov 14, 2000
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Rotherham South Yorkshire
No doubt that the rivers Don and Rother are getting better, both in my area.

I just wish that Rotherham MBC would think of the local anglers more.