River Itchen/Stour etc


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Hi any idea how the river Itchen is running is still in flood ? I am trying to get a day in somewhere. I live in Cornwall so bit of trek if flooded out

Neil Maidment

Dorset Stour is well up and rising.
Hampshire Avon is bank high, in the the fields and running gin clear.

Both have been that way for the past three months off and on, can't remember when I last fished normal winter levels!

Mark Wintle

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I've found the Stour fishable a fair bit this winter; it was tough back in October to Christmas. I fish the bits with the capacity to hold a lot of water not the bits where normal winter level is ideal like Beat 2 on Throop. It's true the river has been up and down a lot and the rivers worst affected have been the ones with the greatest spring inflows ie the Avon and Frome. Those brave enough to wade out on the Avon have had good fishing in some spots but it's too risky a game for me.