River Medway any free or day ticket stretches


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Hi all

Any one know if there are any free to fish or day ticket stretches on the medway these days.

Alington lock by the Malta Inn used to be, is it still, also the bit by the pub at Yalding used to be free is it still.

The bit through Maidstone was as well is it still.

Any other bits free or day ticket that's worth a fish.


Now I appreciate that I was a Kentish lad...living in Barming...

.... a fair few centuries ago.....last time I peeped over East Farleigh Bridge...it was free fishing from just downstream of East Farleigh Locks all the way to Allington and beyond....remember seeing some huge carp just below the lock there at the head of the tidal Medway


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When I fished it two years ago at East Farleigh it was free down to Maidstone, the carp were annoyingly above the bridge in the private bit there, there's also a couple of small free back stream bits in Tonbridge plus the big park on the island is day ticket I believe.