river sow(stafford)

john hooper

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May 13, 2006
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i took a walk along the sow in stafford today and took along a loaf of bread to add interest to the walk.This river was at one time considered to be staffordshires jewel(many moons ago) as good as any in the land, but back to today.As i walked along i broke up the bread and followed it downstream, in about 2 miles i only raised one chub to take the bread, the only other fish i saw were fry( very early for fry i thought).Such a sad situation, i have had as much as 20lb of roach in the winter in past seasons(5 years ago) plus chub to 5lb and perch over a pound but over the last 2 hard winters when the river was the only open water in stafford the cormorants have mullered the place leaving only a few chub to be caught, you have to be keen.