River Yare


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Oct 4, 2013
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Had an evening session on the Yare at Bramerton beginning of the week to see if the bream are showing.
Took my lad with me for his first ever feeder fishing experience.
Started fishing around 5, set up both rods with open end feeders, 18" hook length to a size 14 wide gape hook . Threw 12 balls of groundbait out to get started with and then cast both rods to area using double red maggot on the hook.
Within minutes we were both getting bites. We both were catching roach of about 6oz's consistently until it started to get dark.
As it started to get dark we decided to switch bait to corn, maggot cocktail and it didn't take long before the first bream was in the net.
Was a slow night with some time between bites but we did end up with 13 bream between us (7 for me and 6 for my boy) all around the 4lb mark.
Not a bad session but it doesn't look like the bream have shoaled up yet as there is still a lot of boat activity and with the mild weather.
My lad is now hooked on feeder fishing for bream and can't wait for his next trip lol.