Riverfield pond - Bedford


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Jun 4, 2020
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Afternoon everyone.

I have a permit to fish the priory lakes and the cut but I’m always drawn to wanting to fish this forgotten pond, nice little lake with an appealing island in the middle yet I’ve never seen anyone fish there. To the left is a nice channel that leads to the back river and there are a few swims that look appealing. As you will be aware if your familiar with the Bedford scene, were faced with poorly treated lakes due to council cut backs and excessive weed growth. With the council not prepared to do anything with this so what abandoned lake I don’t see the harm in dredging an area and having a go with say a waggler set up to see if anything bites. In your honest opinion would you say I’m wasting my time or would you agree with myself and say it’s worth a shot.

p.s I’m aware it says leave the vegetation.