Rock Fishing


Dave Oates

Can anyone suggest a good venue for a holiday.Would prefer an area with easy access,friends a fairly active pensioner!

Joe Foxall

try wales some good caravan sites near good fishing, blackpool, or a caravan site in morecambe with everything in it and you can fish on the camp site, or a ten min walk for bass and mullet, if you have a car theres the harbour pr teal bay on light tackle for big flounder and plaice.
hope it helps, it also used to do cheap week end rates for anglers.its at ocean edge heysham.........

adam scott

Try Anglesey, great fishing and as it is island there's always somewhere sheltered to fish. Give Malcom a ring at the Anglesey Bait Centre in Beaumaris for good friendly advice, he also sells a guide to venues on Anglesey.