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john step

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The current thread about swing tip rods and changing the tip ring got me wondering.

What is used nowadays to finish rod whippings off to get that smooth glazed effect for the DIY angler who replaces a rod ring.

I have made rods in the past and there was something that came in a tube. It was a thick cellulose type clear adhesive that you spread on the whipping and it sort of congealed into a smooth finish.

I cant see anything like that for sale recently and my whippings on replaced damaged rings are functional but sure aint smooth.

Anyone know please?


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I think its a 2 pack varnish that is applied while the rod is rotated until the varnish is dry.


If it's any help John I've found, through whipping eyes onto floats, that a coat of similar coloured acrylic over the whipping can hide a multitude of sins.

It works in a similar way by sinking in to the tiny grooves between the threads, if you really want to push the boat out you can give them a light sanding after a coat and then apply another prior to varnishing and all for the sake of a couple of quid from your local craft shop.

It also flexes well without cracking.

All the better if you are good enough to do it right in the first place, it's just that I'm not :eek:mg:


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I think its a 2 pack varnish that is applied while the rod is rotated until the varnish is dry.
Correct Graham ' cept its a two pack epoxy, available from billy clarkes in Sheffield, a bit pricey at around £8/10 last time I looked.
Try running several coats of superglue sanding between each coat as an alternative John, done correctly you will get a glass finnish.:)

john step

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I have just finished repairing the handle on my old Normark 13ft match. I tried to put a modern screw type reel fitting on it. Unfortunately those old blanks have a greater diameter than modern slim blanks and the fuji fitting was just too big to feel right. In the end I bought corks and shaped the handle with a file and fine paper above the reel sliding fittings.
The rings have been re whipped. I used it yesterday and the handle feels just right.
I cannot recall exactly old it is but it was a first generation Normark carbon and I think it must be close on 40yrs.

Here's to the next 40 years of use:wh