Rod transport?

Most of my fishing tends to of the hit and run variety these days, so I fancied some sort of carrier for the car. Expensive for what they are, I got to thinking!

I cobbled a rod tube together for a holiday years ago and Im considering something along those lines. I had a 6ft length of standard waste pipe, which had a screw fitting and hasp and staple....

The other day I came across an old gadget for cleaning windows that has some serious magnets inside......bite yer hand off these buggers!
So picture some sort of plain wooden support, flat across the bottom and a round shape for said tube at the top. Glueing said magnets in a recess in the bottom flat edge cover with plastic to protect car?

Now bear in mind this is for travelling up the road to a venue, not lake of the woods! Can anyone spot something Im missing before I go chopping wood up?

sam vimes

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Put rod in tube, chuck tube in car. If your car isn't big enough, you need a new car, or a shorter sectioned rod.;)


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I now have rods in tubes and on occasion( short trips) affixed them on to the roof bars. They remain firmly in place at the speeds i restrict myself to.