Rovex Ceratec 4000 reel

Jeff Woodhouse

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Jan 2, 2002
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Subtropical Buckinghamshire
I was at a trade show the other year when **** Tallents of Masterline put one of these reels in my hands and asked 'How much?' With only a quick play I said 'Maybe £70 to £80.' That was it, I haven't handled one since, but when I saw a dealer selling them for £27 I couldn't resist getting one to use this time. Glad I did too, they are a very good quality reel, very smooth with all the bearings, and two aluminium spools. A bit blingy for soem perhaps and the line lay could be just a shade better perhaps, but is quite acceptable and much better than some reels now.

I like this reel with it's neat compact body and choice of single or double handle, I'm starting off with the double, but we'll see because the single handle has a nice feel to it also. It's going to suit barbel and light carp angling very well, using controller floats and method feeders. At these prices it's a no brainer, you must get one even if like me, you didn't particularly need it. :wh

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