Andrew Thomas

My old rucksack is giving up the ghost. Any recommendations out there for a new one? I mainly do sessions of about 6 hours don't need a massive capacity. I believe Fox and Shimano do fairly compact models.

I need space for about 4 pints of hemp,about 2 pints of pellets, flask, scales, sling, towel, 3 small tackle boxes, assorted small bait boxes, catapult, rig wallet, camera and a few other small odds and sods.

Paul Thompson

Andrew, don't be tempted by the Nash pursuit models, especially the 60l one. Although Nashy has new versions out which I can't comment on, the old ones are still out there at knock down prices.
However, they are possibly the worst design rucksack I have ever worn. Totally ill fitting and the strap and tensioning system is hopeless. I have one and wish i hadn't bothered. Its great in a barrow, but bloody useless to carry.
Try wychwood, fox or cotswold aquarius..

Chris Warren

Hi Paul,

I've got a Chub 55l rucksack which is comfortable, well made and good value - see the review on this site (about no.75).

John Huntley

Judging by the list of contents for the rucksack you can fit all of these into the Fox stalker bag. Its very well made and holds a surprising amount of stuff and comfy to carry.Cost about ?25.
The carp catcher ruck sack at ?20 is pretty good. the zips and straps are sound. Don`t know about ease of carrying though

Chris Bishop

Have you checked out your local camping shop..? Ruckies of all shapes and sizes, usually 30 - 50% cheaper than those with tackle firms' names on and often better quality.

Ron Clay

Or you can stitch it up with baling twine as I have just done mine.

My rucksack is over 25 years old and should see me until I snuff it.