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Colin North, the one and only

I've just recently spent about 11 days in the North West of Ireland (Ballina, County Mayo) which is a place I have visited regularly over the past 17 years or so. Essentially the fishing used to be for Brown Trout and the odd Grilse on Loch Conn (where I have my own boat) but for the last couple of years, the fishing there has deteriorated a bit.

Always keen to try something different, a couple of years ago, I decided to try fishing for Sea Trout in the River Moy estuary using the services of Mr Judd Ruanes' boat, skippered by Martin Killeen, and what fun that turned out to be. Sea Trout, Flounders, a fish they call a Cobbler (looked suspiciously like a Weaver to me), Crabs and Sea Gulls all willingly grabbed the Sand Eels we used for bait. Judd also owns a Loch style boat in which he caters for flyfishing parties.

Now this little trip whetted my appetite somewhat, so Susi (the Mrs) and I set about finding other place where we could fish from the shore and we found plenty of them including the miles of sandy beach at Enniscrone where, if you don't mind a walk, you can park in the Golf Club, walk across the course and up to the mouth of the Moy estuary, the strand (beach) at Lacken where Susi and I were the only human beings around for 90% of the time and many others.

Fishing methods are relatively easy. Chest Waders, A fly rod with a floating and intermediate line, using all the regular Sea Trout patterns, and a light spinning rod loaded with 6lb line, a size 10 or 8 hook and a wee flying treble about 2" behind that and the smallest drilled bullet you can cast are the business, loaded with Sand Eel. Cast into the surf and wound back slowly or even left static seems to work, and boy, do those Sea Trout pull back.

A really great way to spend a few hours. If you get the opportunity, go do it.


Colin North

Ron Troversial Clay

Many years ago whilst staying on the Isle of Arran - the place where many of my late wife's ancestors came from, I found a little estuary on the west side of the island.

Using an intermediate line and some basically simple streamer patterns I caught a succession of seatrout one evening. Although not big, up to 1 3/4 lbs these trout fought like fury and tasted very nice the following morning for breakfast.

I love Scotland.

Colin North, the one and only

I love Scotland to. In fact I'm off there to the Tweed at the end of November for my other annual pilgrimage. e.g. Ireland late spring/Scotland late autumn.

Chris Bishop

They net sea trout commecially off the beaches around me in North Norfolk.

Don't think anyone ever fishes for them.

I tried to catch them on the Teign, Exe etc when I lived in Devon and never managed to get one.