Seasonal baits?

Keith M

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Oct 1, 2002
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South of Watford Gap
Well I dont use any fatty baits during the winter because they tend to go solid and not very appetising. or elderberries which are fairly seasonable anyway, I’m not that keen on using sweet corn during the winter either unless I were fishing a hungry commercial water or similar.
Instead I tend to fish more with smelly and spicey baits during the colder months and leave fatty baits alone.

In the spring I start getting more fish on more natural baits like worms and maggots etc. and also luncheon meats, pastes and pellets and also spicey baits and very occasionally elderberries in the spring.
Hemp and Tares I occasionally use during the warmer months but I find they’re especially good in the autumn.

Ive also found that most fish will also feed on fish fry during the spring when they hatch, even Bream.

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