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Wolfman Woody

Nail it to a board.

Turn it upside down on a pan of boiling water.

Steam it like that for 90 minutes.

Remove it from the board.

Throw away the fish and eat the board.

Billy boy Smiffy

the secret with cooking a fresh rainbow trout is..............give it to the old couple down the street and let them cook and eat it !!! but on a serious note ,grey mullet is gorgeous grilled, as long as its from open ocean not from muddy esturine waters or sewage pipes!AND theres no small bones to choke on either just back bone with large easy to find rib mouth is watering now just thinking about it,bit of salt and pepper,squeeze of lemon mmmmmm nice!!! p.s.try fully filleting rainbow trout and cooking in george forman grill compleatly changes texture of meat,might not work on fish from muddy ponds though.......