sensas paindor


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Yes and I have a full block untouched! Wetbread can be made but I remain sceptical! I tried it in pieces on the hook and hair but with little or no success! I have tried bread more times than any other bait I had little faith in! Recently in my pursuit of roach I have had more success with punch and with liquised bread on a feeder! The pain d'or is clever but not for me as a go to bait! I take far too many alternatives as it is as others will testify!:)

Peter Jacobs

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Having spent almost a decade fishing for a Sensas sponsored match team I am, even today, usually quite content to give most of their products a try at least.

That said, Pain D’or (bread of gold) is something that I cannot believe could even come close to replacing the real thing . . . . At any price.

Punch bread, bread flake, bread paste and liquidised bread are to my mind, far superior to any fake bait.