Silliest rules...


Chris Bishop

Was reading through the regs on a new syndicate me and the other half are thinking of joining.

Rules include:

- No bright clothing. Anglers must blend in with their surroundings...

- No walking more than three metres from the lake...

Anyone come across any others..?

Philip Inzani

My goodness where do I start!

I believe the old Mid Northants fishery rules included no baiting needles with Barbs (owner had obviously stuck himself with one at some point) and after November you where allowed to use a bivvy BUT only If you where over 50.

Another fishery had Bivvys allowed but bedchairs banned (Hello!?!)

However the silliest rules for me are at those fisheries that seem intent on banning ANY method or bait that is effective...catch more than half a dozen fish on it and its banned.

Neil Wayte

Two waters I fish on the same ticket include no sleeping on your rods.One has a 24 hour rule which you could just about stay awake for the other was 48 hours rule which would have ment carp anglers killing them selves on their way home.One lake in a public path around it states you are only allowed to make cups of tea if you are the lake side of the path but if you cross the path you are allowed to cook a meal.

Carp Angler

"Members must not wear bermuda style shorts and all members must wear a shirt and be suitably dressed at all times."

That's a direct quote from the rule book!!
That's the posh south for you...


The siliest rule(and most dangerous to the fish)was implemeted by a well known local club.It stated in its rule book that Pike anglers were only allowed to use two rods(carp anglers were allowed three) but if Piking you could use a third for wobling or spinning!!!Just think about what that used to encourage!!

Mind you the same clubs bailiff walked about 350m around one of their pits to tell me that the boss would not be too happy about me spreading my rods out (20'between them,10' either side of me) as this would lead to deep hooking.That was the final straw for me as the bailiff was piking himself at the time but had not bothered to wind his baits in before comming to give me the benifit of his wisdom!!!