Simple Stool


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Came across this in one of the many ads thrown my way via the internet. However, I thought it a neat idea, it wouldn't suit me as I always prefer a back rest and maybe not so good on an uneven surface. But it might work for someone, its lightness and compactness that might suit some angling trips. I reckon it would work on the beach for example or a canal, certainly for those of us that like to travel light, about £23-£30. It just opens like a concertina. If not fishing maybe your old mum for when she goes shopping and cannot find a seat, that is how it's advertised but I thought maybe a fishing use, I have compactness and light off to a treat but my seat is probably still the most cumbersome. Howevr, beware as far as I can make out, it is only 18.5 inches tall so a bit small for me. Type "simple stool" google and you should find it.
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